Calimanesti-Caciulata Resort is located at 260 m altitude, in Jiblea-Calimanesti sub-Carpathian depression, on the right bank of Olt River. The mineral water springs are famous from the time of the Romans.

Geographical coordinates: in the longitude of 24°14′ East and in the latitude of 45°13′ North.

Railway access: Calimanesti Train Station makes the connection with the capital of our country via the following route:
• Bucharest – Piatra Olt – Ramnicu Valcea – Calimanesti.

Airways access:

The nearest airport: Otopeni, Bucharest

Road access:

You can reach the resort by personal car or by bus or coaches on the following roads:

  • Bucharest – Pitesti – Sibiu on DN 7 national road;
  • Craiova – Ramnicu Valcea on DN 65 C national road and then on DN 7 national road;
  • Targu Jiu – Ramnicu Valcea on DN 67 national road and then on DN 7 national road.

Distance from the main cities:

  • Bucharest – 203 km;
  • Cluj-Napoca – 242 km;
  • Constanta – 428 km;
  • Suceava – 437 km;
  • Iasi – 486 km;
  • Craiova – 131 km.

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